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2023 Speaker Presentations


NDA President opens the 2023 World Demolition Summit

James Milburn, President, NDA

James Milburn welcomes 422 delegates, representing 151 companies from 18 countries around the world to the demolition industry’s biggest event of the year.

Energy sector decommissioning: EDF’s 15-year power plant demolition strategy

Pierre Migny Torres, Project Director, EDF
Alexandre Druet, Site Director and Deconstruction Technical Advisor, EDF

Pierre Migny-Torres, EDF Project Director, and Alexandre Druet, EDF Site Director and Deconstruction Technical Advisor, give insight into the 15-year decommissioning strategy being carried out by French energy giant EDF. The company, which has its own in-house planning department devoted to the projects, has carried out the dismantling of ten of its power plant facilities in recent years, and has a further nine plants scheduled for decommissioning.

In their presentation at this year’s World Demolition Summit, Pierre and Alexandre detail how the company works with contractors and the challenges involved in carrying out the demolition projects, from a client’s perspective.

Large-scale demolition: How Detroit is clearing 16,000 blighted structures

LaJuan Counts, Director of the City of Detroit Demolition Department

LaJuan Counts, Director of the City of Detroit Demolition Department, reveals how the city set about demolishing and stabilising over 16,000 structures, as part of a US$0.5 billion plan to clear industrial blight.

Johnsonville Fossil Plant, Brandenburg Industrial Service Company

Dennis McGarel, Vice President of Sales and Estimating, Brandenburg Industrial Service Company

Brandenburg Industrial Service’s Vice President of sales and estimating Dennis McGarel explores the onsite logistics involved in the demolition of the smokestack and boilers at the Johnsonville Fossil Plant in the US.

Champlain Bridge Demolition: Extremely loading modelling and simulation technology

Dr. Ahmed Amir Khalil, Director of Engineering, ASI
Simon Hebert, Civils Work Manager and Project Director, Delsan-AIM Environmental Services Inc.

At the 2023 World Demolition Summit, Dr Ahmed Khalil of ASI and Simon Hebert of Delsan-AIM revealed how they used extreme loading technology to simulate the collapse of the 3.4-km-long Champlain Bridge during the planning phase of the demolition.

Industrial demolition project: Redcar Steelworks in the north of England

Tom Koerner, Operations Director at Thompsons of Prudhoe

Tom Koerner, Operations Director at Thompsons of Prudhoe, gives an in-depth presentation on how his company conducted the high-profile, multi-phase demolition of the Redcar Steelworks.

The rapid demolition of the Gardiner Expressway eastbound ramp, Toronto

Brian Priestly, Executive Vice President of Operations North America at Priestly Demolition Inc

Brian Priestly, Executive Vice President of Operations North America at Priestly Demolition Inc, speaks about his company’s work on the rapid demolition of the Gardner Expressway eastbound ramp in Toronto, Canada.

Decommissioning of former OPG Thunder Bay Generating Station

Christina Murray, Director of Business Development, York1 Demolition
Jeremy Later, Operations Manager, York1 Demolition

Christina Murray, Director of Business Development, and Jeremy Later, Operations Manager, outline the unusual step York1 took in one of its most recent projects, whereby the company actually purchased the land and power station they were to dismantle.

Building a demolition business from the ground up

Simone Bruni, Owner and Founder, Demo Diva

Simone Bruni, Owner and Founder of Demo Diva, reveals how the impact of hurricane Katrina led her to establish to establish her own demolition company despite having no experience in any part of the construction sector. In this brief excerpt from her presentation at the 2023 World Demolition Summit, Simone recounts the steps that led her to building a successful business and to meeting Warren Buffett.

Skills shortage: Why young people don't want to work in demolition

Jonathan Cox, Marketing Director, Rye Group 

Jonathan Cox of Rye Group shares their latest research into the skills shortage, revealing the perceptions that are hindering recruitment in the construction and demolition sectors.

Mark Loizeaux stuns audience with his honest remarks on litigation

Mark Loizeaux, Owner and President, Controlled Demolition Inc

Mark Loizeaux, Owner and President of Controlled Demolition Inc, reveals the impact litigation is continuing to have on demolition and dismantling contractors in the USA.