6 & 7 November, 2024 – Stockholm, Sweden •

Frank Bodami

Owner, Total Wrecking & Environmental

With 42 years of demolition and environmental remediation experience, Frank Bodami Founded and owns Total Wrecking & Environmental with his wife and partner, Sandy Bodami.

Frank is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of Total Wrecking, and is hands-on in all aspects including production, equipment purchasing, project management, environmental management, and personnel supervision. He is an active participant on all job sites where he assists with estimating, negotiating, troubleshooting, and providing clients with a high degree of owner accessibility and accountability, resulting in years of lessons learned and knowledge to teach and share.

Throughout his career, Frank has spent a lot of time in leadership roles. He has contributed to the National Demolition Association by serving as a member on the Board of Directors for 10 years, as chair of the Risk Management Committee, as chair of the Government Affairs Committee, and as a member of the Safety Committee. He is currently serving as a committee member on the NDA Education Committee, where he will be helping teach the Foundations of Demolition Courses.

Frank is well liked and respected throughout the industry and community for his honesty, integrity, fairness in dealing with people, thoroughness, his knowledge and experience, his eagerness to learn, and his willingness to teach others. Frank has a passion for inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves by teaching leadership principles that are beneficial to all both in their professional and personal lives. As one of the pillars in the demolition industry, and someone who always wants to teach and bring new generations up through the ranks, Frank is honored to be here today sharing his lessons learned over the last 42 years.