6 & 7 November, 2024 – Stockholm, Sweden •

Dr Mahesh Bailakanavar PhD CFEI

Vice President of Applied Science practices at Thornton Tomasetti

D&Ri is proud to announce that Dr Mahesh Bailakanavar PhD CFEI, Vice President of Applied Science practices at Thornton Tomasetti, will be a speaker at this year’s World Demolition Summit, which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on the 6 and 7 of November.

An expert in both mechanical and aerospace engineering with an engineering mechanics doctorate from Columbia University, Mahesh manages a diverse portfolio of projects in the field of engineering risk and safety management.

These include including demolition/decommissioning of public/private infrastructure, power plants and industrial facilities, forensic investigations, emergency response, and integration of artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI & ML) technologies for engineering applications.

His area of expertise extends from threat, vulnerability and mitigation assessments for critical infrastructure for extreme events, including blast and fire, to hazard assessments for fire and explosions, plume analysis, and the design of active and passive hazard mitigation systems.

During his career at Thorton Tomasetti, Mahesh has led numerous projects involving both mechanical deconstruction and implosion to manage safety and mitigate risk by validating the demolition plans against engineering analysis. His portfolio of engineering services also includes   vibration analysis to assess damage to below grade structural elements and buried utilities.