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Dublin, Ireland

7-8 November, 2018


A high level technical conference that will feature presentations covering some of the most challenging demolition projects carried out around the world in recent months.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We can provide you with a certificate of attendance, allowing participation in the Summit to become part of your CPD process.


Speakers and topics

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David Darsey

Managing director, Erith Group’s demolition division


Grant Styles

Operations director, Erith Group

TOPIC: The Marble Arch Place demolition project

Marble Arch Place in London won the overall World Demolition Award at the 2017 Summit, and Erith will explain the particular challenges of the project.

Artem Kondratiev

Head of the Moscow division of Russian contractor Raz-Max

TOPIC: The Russian experience – unique features of demolition in the extreme north

An English language presentation aimed at non-Russian contractors.

Uttkarsh Mehta

Partner, Edifice Engineering

TOPIC: Challenges involved in demolition of Mahatma Ghandi Setu bridge, India

His presentation will discuss the challenges of dismantling and demolishing the Mahatma Ghandi Setu bridge, which links Patna and Hajipur across the River Ganges and measures almost 6 m (20 ft) each way

David A Murray

Safety and health consultant for the State of Nevada.

TOPIC: The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) dust regulations applied to international demolition markets

David has contacts in several manufacturers in the field of dust suppression and will draw on their experiences in this presentation.

Florian Trinkl

CEO, Sauer Bau & Projektentwicklung

TOPIC: Demolishing prestressed concrete gas tanks at Munich’s main sewage plant

His presentation will discuss the challenges of demolishing prestressed concrete gas tanks at a sewage plant in Munich.

Conference Chairman

Richard Vann

Managing director of RVA Group

Richard, who made a big impression on the WDS in 2017 as the keynote speaker, brings his experience of chairing demolition and decommissioning events to Dublin.

Other speakers to follow

Call for papers


We invite professionals in the global demolition and recycling industry to submit proposals for papers.


As the conference organiser, Demolition & Recycling International (D&Ri) magazine is looking for presentations in the following areas:


•  Challenging and innovative project reports;


•  Examples of best practice in recycling, health and safety and demolition;


•  New technology or techniques to solve problems;


•  Research with direct relevance to demolition and recycling contractors.


D&Ri is also open to suggestions for other topics.

Please email suggestions and proposals to:


Steve Ducker, Editor, D&Ri